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[Galaxy History ①] Evolution of the Galaxy Z Fold Series: Thinner, Sturdier and Compact as Ever

A foldable phone, as the name suggests, is a device that can fold. Unlike traditional bar-type smartphones, foldables feature a central hinge and two folding sides. This hinge acts as the axis for opening and closing the phone. Over time, Samsung has infused the hinge mechanism of its Galaxy Z Fold series with unique, cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the design with each release. Furthermore, Samsung has continuously reduced the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold series, enhancing its portability.

A Retrospective on the Galaxy Z Fold Series

[2019] Galaxy Fold: The Dawn of Foldable Phones

Thickness when folded: 15.7-17.1mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.9-7.6mm Weight: 276g

Image Source: Samsung

As lifestyles diversify, so do user needs. In response, Samsung has consistently introduced advanced technologies. The 2019 Galaxy Fold marked the beginning of foldable phones, offering a natural, big-screen experience when unfolded and a compact, portable experience when folded. The “folding and unfolding” concept created a new category of mobile interaction, utilizing innovative hinge technology for a seamless experience. The inward-folding hinge protected the display and allowed the phone to remain flat and thin when folded, with a maximum folded thickness of just 17.1 millimeters, heralding the era of smart foldables.

[2020] Galaxy Z Fold2: The Era of Flex Mode: Hideaway Hinge and Sweeper Technology

Thickness when folded: 13.8-16.8mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.0-6.9mm Weight: 282g

Image source: Samsung

The Galaxy Z Fold2, launched in 2020, advanced foldables with a sophisticated design. Its Hideaway Hinge allowed stable folding and unfolding, enabling Flex Mode for versatile use. This hinge, with over sixty parts, featured a dual CAM mechanism for reliable support at wider angles. The introduction of Sweeper Technology, inspired by vacuum cleaner brushes, protected the device from dust and debris, enhancing the foldable experience. The Galaxy Z Fold2 achieved a maximum folded thickness of 16.8 millimeters.

[2021] Galaxy Z Fold3: Waterproofing Breakthrough

Thickness when folded: 14.4-16.0mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.4mm Weight: 271g

Image source: Samsung

The Galaxy Z Fold3 was the first foldable to be water-resistant, addressing a major challenge for foldable devices. Samsung’s waterproofing technology included a rubber band around the display and corrosion-resistant materials for the hinge. The device also featured Armor Aluminum for enhanced durability and a thinner, lighter form factor. The evolved Sweeper Technology further minimized gaps between the hinge and body, resulting in a maximum folded thickness of 16.0 millimeters.

[2022] Galaxy Z Fold4: A Slimmer, Lighter Hinge

Thickness when folded: 14.2-15.8mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.3mm Weight: 263g

Image source: Samsung

The 2022 Galaxy Z Fold4 showcased significant reductions in weight and thickness, weighing 263 grams with a maximum folded thickness of 15.8 millimeters. The redesigned hinge, 21% lighter than its predecessor, facilitated a linear motion, reducing weight and complexity while maintaining durability. This model continued Samsung’s tradition of innovation, providing a thin, lightweight, and easy-to-grip device.

[2023] Galaxy Z Fold5: The Flex Hinge Revolution

Thickness when folded: 13.4mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.1mm Weight: 253g

Image source: Samsung

In 2023, the Galaxy Z Fold5 introduced the Flex Hinge, a leap forward in foldable technology. This new mechanism allowed the display to fold seamlessly into the hinge, eliminating creases and gaps. The Galaxy Z Fold5 became the thinnest and lightest device in the series, with a maximum folded thickness of 13.4 millimeters and a weight of 253 grams. Its compact, portable design reflected Samsung’s commitment to precise engineering and meticulous manufacturing.

Samsung continues to refine the Galaxy Z Fold series, enhancing its utility and convenience. Discover the next generation of Samsung’s innovations at Galaxy Unpacked 2024 on July 10 in Paris.

Text source: Samsung


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