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Intel: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in Manufacturing with AI Technology

Eigen Innovations, an AI software company based in New Brunswick, Canada, helps manufacturers produce defect-free goods in the factory, ensuring consumers receive top-quality products. Leveraging Intel technology, Eigen helps manufacturers save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.

Jon Weiss, Eigen Innovations’ Chief Revenue Officer, explains that the company’s automated inspection solutions identify hidden defects on production lines. Recognizing and fixing problems early makes the process more efficient and cost-effective, ensuring the highest product quality every time. Instead of random sample testing, Eigen’s OneView AI platform reviews each part on the production line for defects.

Quality is King
Defects in the production line are inefficient and costly. In today’s consumer-driven world, companies must consider the cost of quality in manufacturing. Weiss defines the cost of quality as the total expense associated with producing poor-quality products. He notes that while the manufacturing industry often operates on thin margins, quality issues can cost up to 40% of revenue. Traditional sample testing is insufficient, as it inspects only a fraction of products, leaving the rest unchecked.

Eigen’s solutions inspect every part on every line in every factory, providing manufacturers with real-time data and insights to make immediate improvements. This proactive approach reduces the cost of quality and boosts revenue by identifying defects in real-time, pinpointing problems, and initiating corrective actions. Eigen’s OneView software can even automatically pause machines or send commands for additional testing, constantly learning to prevent future defects.

The Need for Speed
Weiss highlights that Eigen’s OneView machine vision software operates on a robust hybrid architecture, enabling data inferencing and closed-loop automation within the factory. The system consolidates data from PLCs, cameras, machines, and sensors into a traceable digital record. This record trains AI models for inline inspections and identifies root causes of issues, ultimately improving processes.

The cloud capabilities provide instant access to enterprise-wide improved inspections. Customers can deploy accurate inspection models across all machines with a single touch, transforming what was once a manual, time-intensive process into an efficient, streamlined operation.

Using Intel technology, Eigen Innovations, an AI software company based in New Brunswick, Canada, helps manufacturers produce defect-free goods. Eigen’s OneView AI platform can be used to check manufacturing welds on the factory floor – in one use case, the platform uses thermal imagery to determine a weld’s quality. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Happy Customers for the Win
Southern Fabricators, a contract manufacturer in North Carolina specializing in metal fabrication, uses Eigen’s OneView for precise inspections. When sensors detect a weld issue, OneView alerts technicians and provides a dashboard with relevant metrics to identify the root cause. This full traceability mitigates recalls by identifying and addressing issues at the source.

Rocky Carpenter, Plant Manager at Southern Fabricators, notes the importance of agility and predictability with their six- to eight-week lead times. Eigen’s solution has saved the company money and reduced rejects, paying for itself within six months.

Flexibility is Key
Weiss emphasizes Eigen’s commitment to flexibility and choice for customers, facilitated by Intel and its OpenVINO edge technology. Eigen’s hardware-agnostic approach allows customers to choose the best hardware for their needs, seamlessly integrating data into a single dashboard. OpenVINO’s speed is a significant advantage, enabling rapid assessment and action to prevent equipment failures.

Eigen’s in-line quality machine vision software, OneView, takes data from across the factory – including industrial PCs, cameras, machines and sensors – and consolidates it into one traceable digital record. Recognizing and fixing problems early makes the process more efficient and cost-effective, allowing manufacturers to ensure they complete the best product every time they make it. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

A Competitive Edge
Eigen’s focus on manufacturing sets it apart from other AI software companies. Specializing in inline quality inspection, Eigen employs thermal applications to detect defects invisible to the human eye. The company’s OneView solutions offer comprehensive thermal inspections and simplify AI adoption without needing data scientists or complex coding.

Weiss underscores that AI is not replacing workers but enhancing their roles by automating dirty, dangerous, or dull tasks. This allows humans to focus on higher-value, impactful tasks, addressing the challenge of job vacancies in many factories.

Eigen Innovations continues to lead in manufacturing AI, ensuring high-quality, efficient production processes that benefit both businesses and consumers.

Text source: Intel


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