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Arçelik’s Eskişehir Plant Named One of the World’s Most Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recognized Arçelik’s Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant by inducting it into its prestigious “Global Lighthouse Network,” which honors leaders in leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

Koç Group has achieved another milestone in its transformation journey with this recognition. The Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant joins Arçelik’s Washing Machine Plant in Ulmi, Romania, and the Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plant, both designated as “Global Lighthouses” in 2018.

Launched in 2018, the WEF’s Global Lighthouse Network has included just 90 manufacturing plants from over a thousand candidates. Levent Çakıroğlu, CEO of Koç Holding, will be a featured speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Global Lighthouse Network on September 29, 2021, to share Arçelik’s latest success story.

Embracing Digital Transformation
“At Koç Group, we focus on increasing our competitiveness, enhancing our technology and innovation capabilities, and managing our business globally,” said Levent Çakıroğlu. “We see digital transformation as a key component of our cultural transformation program. Our Arçelik Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant, the largest large-volume refrigerator production facility in Europe since 1975, has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a leading Industry 4.0 plant. This global recognition is well-deserved, thanks to our investments in digitalization, AI, machine learning, robotics, and sensor technologies. I extend my gratitude to all my colleagues for this significant achievement.”

Arçelik’s Eskişehir Plant Named One Of The World’s Most-Advanced Manufacturing Facilities (Image source: Arcelik)

Çakıroğlu emphasized that a specific digitalization roadmap was established for Arçelik as part of Koç Group’s digital transformation journey. “The digital transformation of our Eskişehir factory is an inspiring success story. To meet rising consumer demand and maintain quality, Arçelik created more than 30 use cases. Using in-house innovation and advanced engineering platforms like Atölye 4.0 and The Garage, along with collaborations with SMEs, universities, and start-ups, we implemented digital applications cost-effectively. This enabled our factory to quickly adapt to pandemic-related shifts in consumer demand and plan for capacity increases in response to rising demand.”

Technological Achievements
The Arçelik Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant employs advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and closed-loop feedback control systems, resulting in:

  • Quality Improvements: Significant enhancements in quality indicators and a 20% reduction in customer complaints.
  • Capacity and Cost Efficiency: A 43% increase in capacity and a 17% reduction in transformation costs through machinery adjustments.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction: A 14% decrease in carbon emissions via digital solutions, including the integration of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to replace forklifts and automate material distribution, further reducing emissions by 7%.
  • Energy Efficiency: A 19% improvement in energy efficiency by optimizing core production processes.
  • Data Collection and Utilization: 11 robots and 3,500 sensors collect 7.5 million pieces of data daily, utilizing self-designed digital manufacturing equipment.
  • Employee Engagement: An 82% increase in employee engagement, surpassing the Best Employer average, due to effective transformation management, employee participation, and enhanced competency.

Text source: Arcelik


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