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Expert Greece Make-A-Wish award 2024

Make-A-Wish Greece’s annual Thank You Night

In an atmosphere of deep emotion and surprises, the annual Make-A-Wish event took place on Tuesday, March 12, at the Athens Concert Hall. An evening of reflection and expression of deep gratitude to families of children of hope, doctors, volunteers, companies and individuals who support the organization.

Photo Credit: Make-A-Wish Greece

Expert Greece was awarded with a special price as a thank-you for providing the Make-A-Wish Greece organization with various products in 2023.

“2023 was a year the Expert Hellas helped actively and helped the Make-A-Wish Greece organization to fulfill the wishes of six children and on the 12th of March we received our special award for that help”, Expert Greece.

We would like to thank Make-A-Wish Greece for the very beautiful, very well organized and very moving evening they gave us on Tuesday, March 12th. It was truly our pleasure and honor to be among the guests and experience for a while their wonderful work!

Expert Greece
Photo credit: Make-A-Wish Greece

For the world of wishes, it was a FULL 2023. The organization continued to fill what children and parents refer to as a “void” as the President of the organization, Yvette Kosmetatou, also mentioned: the void of childhood, of daily communication… of loneliness brought about by a Serious illness. In 2023, 316 wishes of children with serious illnesses were fulfilled . “Filling” the gap has transformed into EX-PAYMENT!

1500 participants paid tribute to the children who were lost, while their parents were there supporting the work of the organization. The crowd participation exceeded all expectations with a number of #WishMaker brands giving their presence and love to the wish children who were at the event.

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