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The recent floods that hit Greece created a huge wave of support for the people in the wider area of ​​Thessaly.

Wanting to help as best they can, Expert Greece learned about the problem faced by the firefighters – heroes who fight every day to put these areas back on their feet.

Talking with them, we were confronted once again with the magnitude of the disaster and heard the biggest problem they had to face, which is none other than health and ensuring the health of their fellow human beings, themselves and their families!

The fire officials of all Services, Stations and Echelons of the Fire Brigade in the prefectures of Karditsa and Trikala consider it their duty to be vigilant every day for the guarding and safeguarding of the safety and protection of life and property of the citizens and the State, having an increased feeling of the responsibility and the duty assigned to them by the state.

During the provision of any kind of assistance, they fully fulfill their duties with a sense of conscious discipline, dedication to the task and the work they are performing. Their workload and working hours were never unusual, the intense and extreme weather phenomena of the floods that hit Thessaly, however, were unprecedented!

Many villages in the prefectures of Karditsa and Trikala have been covered and literally “sunk” in muddy water and floating materials. The magnitude of the destruction due to the bad weather is enormous with the momentum of the water having swept away everything in its path (houses, businesses of all kinds, agricultural machinery and lands, animals and everything that the human mind can imagine), while it is estimated by the authorities that it will take months, maybe even more, until the inhabitants of many villages of the Thessalian plain return to their homes for the first restoration works.

Speaking with the General Secretary of the UNION OF FIRE BODIES EMPLOYEES OF WESTERN THESSALIA, he conveyed to them the following dangerous working conditions under which they are forced to work every day:

“In the flooded villages we provide our assistance every day to clean houses, schools, churches, health units and many community spaces. So we go with our uniforms and our equipment through muddy water, portable materials, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, dead animals and help where there is a need, so that the inhabitants of the villages can return to a normality.

Our clothes, after completing our effort, are dirty from the polluted waters, they are a “sanitary bomb” from their contact with the thousands of dead animals that floated and floated for days in the streets and are dangerous to carry diseases and germs. It is difficult and dangerous to do their daily cleaning in the laundromats of each firefighter’s house, because there is a risk of transferring germs and diseases to the rest of our family members, among whom are children and the elderly.”

No one could listen to the above words without looking for ways to help them.

In the Fire Departments of Sofadis and Mouzaki in the Prefecture of Karditsa, there was an urgent need for washing machines and dryers, so that the clothes of the firefighters could not be transported and cleaned in their homes – a fact that carries health risks – but should be washed and dried daily inside of the services.

“We turned to Inventor, one of our suppliers, who over the years has shown his sensitivity towards such social issues and TOGETHER we were able to cover the needs of the two Services as a small act of respect and as a big thank you for the difficult task they were called upon to do to take over!!”
You have the undivided respect and support of all of us at EXPERT HELLAS and INVENTOR A.G. S.A.!


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